I don’t know about you but I dream of adopting a healthy lifestyle. I want to join the well-being side of the healthy force and minimize the effects of stress and anything that might cause the same effects ! It is not easy when a lot of us work from 9 to 5.  I have two goals in mind :  a healthy diet and physical activity. Hold on! Do not run away from the idea of exercising ! There is no need to panic, mark my words ! Focus on health…

It is hard to make a good and healthy meal everyday and when it comes to exercise it has to be flexible and not too expensive. Here’s the deal to make these two things work: custom-made and affordable to match with our TIME and WALLET.

I recently discovered Vitae Juice. The concept is amazing ! I love it and I adopted it to my routine!

  • It is homemade with ingredients 100% organic and healthy that come from local producers. No colorant or preservative are added. There is only the good benefits of nature in a juice form that contains fruits, vegetables and spices concentrates are cold-pressed and unpasteurized and then made into juice to flood our bodies with nutrients.
  • Those beverages have cleansing benefits thanks to the active ingredients contained in our allies, the plants.
  • Those products are guaranteed to be fresh, produced 2x per week and conditioned to be consumed the days that follows their creation. Fresh products all week !
  • The brand ships from Monaco to Cannes directly to your home, the day after you made your order, you can also pick your order at WORKHOUSE, where you can find Vitae Juice on the menu.

I started the experiment by testing the cure detox 1-DAY CLEANSE. Me! You have to know that I am really wary of these trendy products. But this time I went without any hesitation! Especially since the creators are Scandinavian, champions of all categories of health and well-being. Easy peasy, not even afraid! Well.. perhaps, the apprehension of being hungry, because, in a worry of metabolic rest, the rule is to consume only the juices during 24h, at a rhythm and in a very precise order. Unfounded fears. The juices [but I want to say soups] are surprising but tasty, very nutritious and consistent in addition to their « cleansing » properties. So, I plan to adopt a bi routine, or even tri annual with the cure over 2 or 3 days. Next to that, I think I will consume a juice to the unit occasionally, as a dietary supplement. Especially in times of great rush to meet my needs of health.

But the little secret that will make the connection between our two subjects of the day is here. To go further in eliminating toxins, I decided to associate Vitae Juice to my workout sessions which I will talk about now.

Yes I know, our subconscious gives us immediately the signal « torture » but we MUST overcome this feeling. Because, beyond the fact that sport allows us to shape ourselves to feel better in our body, it is also and above all an anti-stress and a source of happiness. That’s right! During a session one produces endorphin, the hormone of pleasure! Well in our head and in our skin. So we should all go for it together ! Choose your discipline and your formula. Indoor, outdoor, at home, in the pool, Top Body Challenge (TBC) … you decide and you lead the dance.

I chose Xavier BOUCHARD! This personal trainer has made for me a training circuit that suits me and that is accessible and not very restrictive. 2 to 3 sessions of 45 mn per week, alternating one day out of two, that’s all! I recommend Xavier, who will be happy to advise you and even coach you on Nice, if you wish. He truly listens to our needs and abilities. He will push you to progress, to surpass yourself on your own with your program or with him!

Come on ! Let’s make a promise that we will no longer delay to the “next Monday”. We’ll start slowly to give our body the time to get used to it and then going full in ! No need runaway.

Now make some room for healthy acts!

Visit the Vitae Juice site here and enjoy a -10% discount with the  code « UNFINITES » throughout the month of May.

Contact Xavier here!

XOXO guys!

Vitae Juice ©Unfinités healthy life

Vitae Juice ©Unfinités healthy life

Vitae Juice ©Unfinités healthy life

Vitae Juice ©Unfinités healthy life

Vitae Juice ©Unfinités healthy life well being

Training top H&M – Bra PRIMARK (old collection)

Legging DECATHLON (old collection)

Running NIKE air Pegasus

Traduction Mélodie NANDA

P.S: Sorry for the poor photo quality. I did not have a professional photographer this time and I wanted to practice with the camera I just bought … I still have to practice, that’s for sure! Moreover the conditions were not the best. But for the little anecdote and for my defense, I had planned another spot for the session, under a beautiful tree. I was sprinkled with bird excrements, it was all over me ! It was necessary to consider another plot uncovered! Ew ! Ew ! Ew !

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