« It’s not about the dress you wear, but the life you lead in the dress » Diana Vreeland. Nothing left to say! I could even stop the article there, but I still want to expose you my dress choice for « PARADE YOUR DIFFERENCE » fashion show. This dress is full of meaning and on that moment I was about to live, it was perfect! To be clearer, I must tell you about the designer, Veronica TAVARES.

I’m proud to tell you that Veronica is a 28-year-old Cape Verdean woman who tries to turn her extraordinary talent to fruition. Her love for sewing and design gave her the courage to quit her job in the catering industry to take classes at the renowned Aline BUFFET school, of which she is one of the best laureates. As a result, she has participated to many prestigious events. She has a foot well anchored in the fashion world. However the circle is very competitive and closed. It’s hard to get a place. But, no matter what, Veronica is ready to take on the challenges and get around the difficulties.

I had the pleasure of discovering her work at the occasion of the Cape Verdean woman’s day. This event highlighted the strength, combativity, talent, art, passion, limitless abilities residing in each of us, in this case the Cap Verdian woman. Too often and too easily we tend to believe that our destiny is sealed in a routine and a pre-established pattern. No place for the fulfillment of activities or dreams often deemed unconventional, inconsistent, unrealisable in the eyes of others. So we self-censor. You have to stay in the mold, to stick to the desire and rules of the community …

Well, we must free ourselves from this because the world is ours! This was the spirit of the event, which is already scheduled for edition#2! Stay tuned! Everything is possible, we can have and do a lot!

Veronica understood it. She applies strategies and projects to try to live out her passion. I wish her every success in her future endeavour. You can buy her original and unique creations by contacting her via her Instagram account. You can also meet her and order for a special tailor made! Lucky you!

Now you understand my relationship to this dress. What about the life you will decide to lead?

Shooting at Ellington Hôtel by Lesley S.

Robe Véronica TAVARES portée par Cris Lou - UNFINITÉS

Robe Véronica TAVARES portée par Cris Lou - UNFINITÉS

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